Five Product Face: Christmas Look

It is the start of the Christmas holiday time, and we thought; how could we make your experience better through the power of makeup? So, today, we present to you the perfect look for any party or gathering at Christmas and New Year's Eve! 


1) Foundation

Let's face it, in the UK, we must be prepared for the ever-changing weather. Since this time of year most events are hosted indoors, you must be ready for anything on the way. The last thing you want is for your makeup to be washed away - either with heavy water droplets or your never-ending beads of a bit snow. Our solution; NOTE Mattifying Extreme Wear Foundation. Its long-lasting formula ensures that your perfect makeup will last throughout the day, rain or shine. It is also a matte foundation, removing the shine from excess sebum levels! With a good foundation to hold your makeup no matter the weather, you can push the displeasing thought of fading makeup to the back of your head.  

2) Eye Pencil

Formula One only happens once a year, which gives you a good reason to be bold and try makeup styles you usually wouldn't. For this weekend, we recommend making your eyes shine with colourful eyeliners. NOTE Ultra Rich Color Eye Pencil provides a bright dash of colour to your face, but not forsaking your perfect winged line either. With 10 different shades to choose from, you can use different colours every night, or even mix them together to come up with a unique look too! 


3) Bronzer (Terracotta Powder)

I am not sure about you, but the bronzer is a very important product to me. Not only does it help to define the face, but it will also give you the healthy sun-kissed look. It is the perfect touch in a strong, bold look. NOTE Terracotta Illuminating Powder not only helps contour the face, but the glitter in the formula also makes a perfect highlighter as well. With one product, you'll be able to kill two birds with one stone! 


4) Mascara

Eyelashes are the most underrated features on our faces, yet they make such a big difference when we enhance them. This is why mascara is so important. It gives your eyelashes more volume, making them more noticeable. NOTE Ultra Volume Mascara will give you the thicker eyelashes you wanted, and so much more. The Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E in it will not only moisturise the roots of your eyelashes but help it to grow as well! 


5) Lipgloss 

Another way to add a dash of colour into your makeup mix is by choosing a bright, beautiful lip colour. NOTE Mattemoist Lipgloss is your best bet for Christmas. Not only does it provide bright, pigmented colours to your lips, but it also does not dry your lips out. Instead, it is highly moisturising, making it ideal for a long day out. The large range of colours allows you to match your lips to the rest of your makeup. For example, a bold eye look deserves a bright lip colour to match. 


That is our five must-haves for the perfect look this time of year! We hope you have an exciting time at the Christmas and New Year's Eve, and a lovely holiday time ahead! 

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